Premium Case I

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Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
Premium Case I
225.00 / set(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery


Complete FIX40 assortment in aluminium case.

Content                      Quality                Article

2 brushes conical         horse hair               Set A

2 brushes cylindrical    horse hair               Set A

1 brush conical         synthetic                 Set B

1 brush cylindrical    synthetic                 Set B

1 diskbrush               horse hair               DI-RO

1 diskbrush               synthetic                 DI-PA

1 diskbrush               goat hair                 DI-GO

1 Polishball               foam                       BALL

1 endbrush               nature                     EN-P

1 mini                       synthetic                  MINI

6 polishbrushes       microfibre                 Set C

1 universal handle                                    Handle U

You can always order replacement brushes from the current collection.

FIX40-Premium Case owners will receive for 12 months a bonus of 10% on all re-orders for your brush assortment.

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