Wash and Polishing mitt

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Wash and Polishing mitt
Wash and Polishing mitt
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Probabely you never felt something soft!
Microfibre fleece, 18 mm high. Exclusively produced for FIX40.

Now you are really washing with water. With a lot of water. Record winner of all tests so far - this mitt takes nearly 1 kg of water.

The glove dipped into the water and the collected dirt washed out immediately. No other mitt we know is comparable to FIX40.
Our Microfibre makes this mitt also to a polishing glove of superior quality.

By an asymmetric division within the hand finds to taste the right footing.
No seam endangers the treated surface. The glove front is rounded and has no interfering corners.
The inner surface is very sturdy and protects against intrusion reinforced pointed parts and sharp edges (eg body edges, bumper inside pages, etc.)

The professionals use 2 of them: one for washing the other for polishing. Do like  the pros!

Cleaning the FIX40 washing and polishing mitt: Just in the washing machine up to 60°C

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