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Your car is washed and shiny. But rest dirt on rims disturbs the overall impression considerably. Where washing machine has its limits the "dirt cocktail" is gnawing in corners of expensive rims. Aggressive dirt is not only unattractive but also attacks surface of rims. Spray of chemical cleaners gets stuck at the rear area of rims. The results are visible after some time and can not be removed by polishing anymore.

FIX40 - Rotating brushes

Set B in action

A ingenious and simple solution for high-grade quality wheels.

The respective brush just stuck on the cordless screwdriver and start your easy cleaning. Brush stem is shaped as hexagon and fits in any Pickups and all standard chuck of cordless drills.

Quickly, thoroughly and carefully you will get a splendid result.

Bikers appreciate FIX40 too


Besides wheels there are lot of bottlenecks to clean and to polish