Wheel cleaning brush for manual use


Wheel cleaning brush for manual use

The famos FIX40-microfibre, wellknown of our wash-mitt and rotating brushes (set C) now as a manual wheel brush. It takes a lot of liquid and cleans very mildly all surfaces.

There is no better manual wheel brush with FIX40-microfibre.

Make the microfibre roller brush just wet with water or car care shampoo and in no time the wheels are back dirt and dust free, even unpleasant deep and jagged points can easily be cleaned gently. The microfiber brush also holds plenty of fluids, and can be used with shampoo water, wheel cleaner or special cleaners.

If particularly dirty, simply clean the microfiber brush in the wash bucket. After wash, rinse under running water and allow to dry.

Areas of application: for example, Car and motorbike wheels, spoiler

Washable at 40 ° to 60 ° Celsius (preferably with special detergents) use no fabric softener, hand washing is recommended.

Wheelbrush total size: about 34 cm
Handle: 15 cm
Brush head: about 15cm
Fiber length: 20 mm

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